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Player name: Zac
Age: 24
Contact: [ profile] Zacadia
Other characters: Ippo Makunouchi

Character name: The Kid
Series: The Bastion
AU info: After the Restore ending, the Bastion's four residents, memories intact, find each other and attempt to stop the Calamity from ever happening, and fail completely. This gets expanded on in the summary!

Pre-game History
Bastion Plot Summary:
And so things stood—the Kid had two choices: to take the Bastion and everyone on it far away and leave behind the remnants of the apocalypse, or to turn back the clock and perhaps stop it from ever having happened. The Kid had listened to both sides of the story; he had heard both Rucks and Zia give their arguments and each of them had their merits, but in the end, the allure of being able to save people from this ever happening proved too big a temptation for him to ignore. So much death, so many people just carelessly wiped out of existence for no real reason; if he had a chance to make that right...why wouldn't he at least try?

He apologized to Zia, and gave Rucks a nod before he pushed the reset button on the whole Calamity.

The experience was a bit jarring though; he awoke in his bed roll, memories intact and his heart beating like a drum. He remembered Rucks' promise to come find him so they could all set things right, and so The Kid waited; for two weeks he remained in the same location and waited for his old friend to finally show up...but he never did, so he set out looking. High and low The Kid searched for his friends...but he couldn't find any of them, and as the days went by, his grip on those memories became more and more tenuous until finally he had nothing left to hold on to them for and discarded them as nothing more than a Swampweed induced nightmare; with that, he did the only thing he knew how to do, he went back to work.

Work was as it always was, long, hard, and laborious; but it gave him a sense of pride as always and it took his mind off the nightmares of that ravaged world that still plagued his dreams. Unfortunately for The Kid, his nightmares were the real deal, and he would get a first row seat to the end of the world once again. It didn't happen on the same day, nor in the same spot, but The Kid was in the Wilds once more when he felt the ground shake beneath his feet and the bottom of his stomach drop out from underneath him as the ground gave way right back into his worst nightmare.

When he finally woke up once more, he found himself there with his world all twisted once again; a kid left stranded on a rock in the sky. It took him a few minutes...about 15 to be exact of yelling, cursing, and generally raging around before he was able to collect himself; he had wanted so badly for everything to have just been the nightmares he made them into, but that wasn't what reality was...Kid or not, he was back in the fray of least this time he had a playbook in his head for what was going to happen, and that was more than he'd been given last time. Maybe the Gods were in a funny mood that day, because when he stumbled across his Lifelong Friend in the middle of the road...he found his favorite Army Carbine waiting right along next to it; like it had just been there waiting for him to get back.

With his weapons in tow, a plan in his head, and his resolve steeled once more, The Kid took one last deep breath before heading out to where he needed to go; the only place that was left to go. The Basiton.

The Kid is as strong and resilient as they come, standing as hard and strong as The Rippling Walls in their hayday with just as much a sense of duty to protect the people around him; that being something that he will go through hell and high water to accomplilsh. His past tends to lean him more towards being silent and withdrawn from others, but to those who have the patience to work past his cold exterior will find that he clings quite close to the few people he feels that he can trust; his loneliness in life having taught him in spades the value of having even only one person who he can open up to and speak candidly with.

Due to his general mistreatment by others due to his fairer features and his snow white hair, he definitely has issues opening up and trusting anyone beyond what's required of a situation; but he tends not to focus on his past, or rather he forces himself into doing other things so he can simply forget to the point of physical exhaustion.

It is true that he is extraordinarily strong and has a level of endurance that might impress even Pyth; a prime example would be The Kid's trip to and through Urzendra Gate, where after waking up to almost having his throat cut, chose to spend the rest of his 3 days awake and fighting almost non-stop. However, The Kid is still just a kid and his stamina has its limits, impressive though they might be; when he finally does succumb to exhaustion, he tends to fall into uneasy sleeps where he tosses and turns and speaks, leaving him rather unrested after it all though his body gets back what it needs to keep up his toils. If one looks closely at his face, they'd notice his eyes seem more sunken in than most Caelondians due to the dark circles that have managed to form underneath them. Despite having dropped out of School at an early age due to a mixture of complications, The Kid is an incredibly quick learner; seemingly able to pick up practical skills such as smithing, weapon modification, and special techniques from scrolls in what seems like no time at all, proving that behind his simple vocabulary lies a very sharp mind. As well, his ability to make up plans and survive off of just what he has on hand is also a good example of his keen intellect and situational awareness; this is most likely what drew the Marshals to employ him when it came to scouting instead of relying on Brushers or Breakers.

When it comes to his general personality though, The Kid is exactly what he appears to be. He is honest to a fault. He is brash and reckless, preferring to deal with problems head on rather than be roundabout with them. He is despite all of his ferocity kind and compassionate, shown in his rescuing of baby creatures who's ilk actively tried to kill him, his wrath only extending to those who wish to do him or his friends harm. He is intently curious about things and how they work; constantly asking Rucks about various baubles he finds out on the Skyway or pulling apart his weaponry to see what makes them tick. Above all though, he is a Mason, a protector who's tenacity in making sure the people around him are safe is rivaled only by the force with which he swings his Cael Hammer.

Stunning Wallop - A crushing attack that stuns any foe unlucky enough to get in the way.
Trigger Blitz - A fast, decisive shot aimed at the target's vitals.

Entry: Once again The Kid'll find himself walking through the Wharf District towards the Bastion...just like old times.


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